Live Free

I had a little Octopus, his name was Cutie pie,
and he could swim and he could fly,
and he could write and he could walk,
and he could stitch and he could talk,
but I left him in the sea,
where he could  Live Free.

Well I wrote this poem for fun when I was very young. I found it here scribbled in my old diary. I realized I had unknowingly given a message.

The message is that though the Octopus can do many things it was made to live and swim in the sea, and that is what he is made for. This might be a small post but it has a big meaning.

Picture Credit: My Little brother, being a 3 year old colouring is what he is best at.




Exciting LAMDA Exam

Hi again! Today I shall tell you about my LAMDA – London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art exam.

Well this year I gave my third LAMDA exam – Grade 1 Public speaking. I was going to speak about my experience to a horror house named as “ A Horrifying Horror House “ a work of fiction which I wrote. I was excited when the day finally came!

After many days of practice the final day was here. I had to miss school because of LAMDA exam. So when I came to the examination hall there were two of my friends already sitting on chairs. When all my friends were done with their exams I went to give mine.

The examiner was an old lady who was of course from London. Anyways the second part of the exam was to prepare two topics on which the examiner would test us. Well my topics were “If there were no Colours” and “The Sunrise”. Surprisingly she asked questions only from the topic “The Sunrise”. But I answered them well and fine.

Now I am waiting for my results which will be coming this June. As soon as I get them I will tell you.

For now bye

Before you go  let me show you my write-up which I presented in the exam

A Horrifying Horror House

Once I went to a Horror House in a mall. It had three parts – Horror, Horrifying and Horrible. So we took our tickets for all the three parts and the keeper opened the gate for us. There was a black car at the entrance. We sat in it and it took us to the first part. We saw many ghosts running around. Suddenly one ghost sat beside me and I screamed. Hearing my scream it jumped off. In this part we also saw a ship with a crew of skeletons inside. The skeletons were waving at us slyly. It was truly scary.

The second part which was horrifying took us inside a slimy castle in which we saw witches and lizards. My mom nearly fainted when a lizard came close to her.

Then came the most disgusting part – Horrible!!! There we were taken to a kitchen where skeletons were cooking gooey dishes. Some skeletons were even throwing the dishes on each other. I saw a pot full of blood boiling near me. The sight almost made me vomit! And one skeleton asked me to taste but I refused. The car suddenly turned into a boat and took us in a river and we saw that we were heading for a water fall!! We were horrified when we saw several skeletons floating in the waters. Then we fell from the water fall!! But we landed safely on the water below.. phew!!! Everything was quite. The ride had ended.

This experience at the Horror House was a memorable one. No longer do I feel scared of ghosts and horror houses. My friends certainly do. So I’ve decided, I’m spending my next Birthday  at this very Horror House. But I wonder if the Keeper would allow!!!

Book Review- The Big Book Of World Mythology

This book written by Reeja Radhakrishnan for kids is wonderful! It tells you about the stories that people all over the world believe in or in better words the ‘Mythology’ of the world. Sit back and enjoy reading mythologies from Sweden, China, Rome, India, Egypt, Russia, North and South America, Oceania and much more!!! Reeja is a columnist and writes for children, she now lives and works in Chennai.

In this book ‘Mwindo The Boy Warrior’ is one of  my favourite mythologies from Africa. I also enjoy the stories from India. I think the Swedish tales were a bit boring, but every other story was fabulous! I totally recommend this book to everyone.  This book gives you insight of a particular region. This book sent me turning pages all night.

Every story starts with an introduction where writer tells you where the story comes from and it also tells a fact about the place. Each fact tempted me to read more and dig into that story.

Well, so its time to grab this book and enjoy it.