What do you expect?

School days sometimes get really boring especially when Exams are knocking on the door. My day started at 6 in the morning, I got ready for school. In our school we have a thing called SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work). Where students from each class is supposed to clean the school as per their turn. The rules which we have to follow while cleaning are


Lovely rules Huh?

I love cleaning it gives me a sense of calmness and sense of being responsible. I suppose this is a good initiative by the school.

Today was supposed to be ours SUPW, but we could not do it. Some other class was supposed to have their SUPW yesterday.  Since it was a half day school yesterday they were not able to do their SUPW. They had their’s today so our SUPW was cancelled.

Then came a dash of a Marathi test and an English test, then Math, then Geography then History and then last but not the least Life-skills. Then at about 1pm the school ended.

I went home, ate my lunch ,studied Hindi then Math then Hindi again. When I started writing this post today my brother came in the room. He started telling off that the TV was not showing him what he wanted to see! I put on his favourite channel and went back to my room.

So here I am peacefully doing something interesting yes that’s writing my diary and posting it !

P.S. –  So you expected something interesting? Well here is interesting at least for me in this totally boring day, Phew the day is gone !!!



Hey guys! I’m back with this thriller book called THE THICKETY A PATH BEGINS by J.A. White. This is  a suspense book for children.

It is about magic and a brother and sister’s love. Kara Westfall is 12 .When she was 5 her mother Helena Westfall was accused as a bad witch and killed that was because the village where they lived was a total non-magic place. Taff Westfall (Kara’s brother)  had never seen his mother, he was a brave and adventurous boy and loved his sister. Helena knew that if Kara believed that her mother was every bit of monster that people whispered about then Kara would start using her powers  with respect to all dangers . In fact Helena was a good witch who sacrificed herself for her children. Soon enough Kara started using her powers she had the power to command animals even the most dangerous ones. I felt that the author has made the book enjoyable for a whole family by adding bits of humour.

Anyway   here’s a sneak peak of Kara’s mother-like love for her little brother Taff-

‘’I’m fine’’ Taff said.

‘’Did you eat anything ‘’

He shook his head. ‘’I was hungry before, but I can’t find Father. He must be out in the field somewhere. They got our barn instead of the door. I don’t know what it is but it smells disgusting, and not in a good way. Did Father clean it yet?’’ ‘’I’m sure he meant to,’’ Kara said. Except he’s too busy feeling sorry for himself to actually not do any work. The thought came unbidden, and Kara scolded herself for such unkindness. I really do need sleep. The important thing was that the barn was clean again; before entering the house, she had scraped off the chunks, and then used a brush and hot water to scrub away the smaller pieces.

Kara boiled some potatoes, then mashed them with salt, butter, and cinnamon. Using her finger tips, she molded the mixture into simple shapes-a star, a boat, a flower- and placed the plate in front of Taff.

‘’ You need to eat,’’ she said, kissing him on the forehead. It was clammy.-

This fictional book has been divided into two books the first one is ‘The Thickety A Path Begins ‘ and ‘The Thickety The Whispering Trees’ which I yet have to read. I think this book is a hit, so I’ll give it five scoops out of five! BYE!!!!