A Big Fat Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is called ‘Shaadi’ or ‘Vivah’. I recently went to my cousin’s wedding and had a blast!!!

My mom gets so delirious when it comes to weddings that she packs our stuff two months before it!! So it’s always hard to find clothes to wear in between of these two months.

Reaching at 1 am at Jaipur in Rajasthan we went straight to bed and as soon as we woke up we started getting ready for the first ceremony called the ‘Vinayak’.

‘Vinayak is another name for lord Ganesha, in this ceremony we pray to him so that there are no hurdles crossing the way in the ceremony. My younger brother was made Vinayak and did not like it at all when haldi was applied on him. Ha! Ha! Ha!

After this ceremony came the ceremony called ‘Vira Sama’ where my cousin’s mother welcomed her family that is father, mother sister, brother. I’m still quite moot about its details……..

After a few more small functions, came the best part called the ‘Sangeet’. Where we dance and sing all night, I danced and sang too and I was praised a lot!!Various delicacies were prepared for us like cakes, ice-cream, Indian breads and many others.

We went back to our room after the Sangeet and had a peaceful sleep.

Soon we approached the end the wedding with two main functions the phere and the reception. In the phere many gods were prayed to and my cousin and her groom (my jijaji) walked around a sacred fire seven times.

Then came the reception where all the people congratulated my cousin and jijaji and gave them gifts and that was the end of the wedding.

The next day we went back home and went through the pictures of the wedding.

First I didn’t know that why we called a big FAT Indian wedding but now I know why – Because these weddings are so humongous with loving people you know so there is fun and love unlimited !!!

Well, bye for now !!!!