Dog’s Diary- Day 1

(Yesterday I stumbled upon a book on the road and I saw that the cover said Private, dog’s diary so I’m here with the first page from this diary )

Hello diary my name is Leonardo Da Vinci or that’s what I call myself but my owners named me ‘Candy’!!!!! What silly name for a male dog!!

The family consists of John the boy who picked me from the pet shop. Lily the girl who named me this horrible name. Kate the children’s mother I guess she doesn’t like me. Henry their father he is a very kind man. Everyone loves me except Kate. She thinks that I steal from the kitchen every night but, the truth is it’s not me but the neighbor’s cat called Chessie.

Yesterday they were going to a party and Kate wore a purple sparkly gown. I saw an ant on the gown so I jumped on it, and instead of catching the ant, the dress tore!!! She screamed and smacked me.

I was chained outside, I hate getting chained. I felt so sad that I started crying!!! How would you like to be chained up in a small little house with no food or water?

Anyways let me tell you about today.

Well Henry was at office and the kids were at school. So I was alone with Kate!! She didn’t take me for a walk nor did she give me food.

When the rest of the family was back they had lunch. John and Lily fed me doggy treats mmmm, delicious, they taste so sugary and sweet that any dog could be tempted!! John and Lily also played fetch with me in the garden until dinner time. This dinner was the best, I was given two humongous sandwiches with melted cheese and cucumbers inside. I wish I could eat it again!!!

Then the whole family and I went for a walk on the peaceful and empty streets!!

Ok diary bye!!-

P.S. Today they didn’t put a leash on me!! Happy me.


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