Happiness is ….

Happiness is , when you don’t get time to Read a Book , you Think a Book 🙂 

– Ananya Agroya


Dog Diary Day 2

Hello my woofly (lovely) diary.

Pain! Pain! And Pain!!! Is all that (sometimes) this family can give me!!!! They took me to the vet!!!! And for his part, he gave me an injection!!

I tried to tell him that I am perfectly fine. But the problem is that though I can understand their language, they can’t understand MINE!!!

I tried to escape but that vet had a strong grip on me and pushed the injection right on my behind.

I howled but instead of comforting me Kate smacked me!!! I hate Kate, I despise her, I loathe her, I… I…. well you get the point don’t you?

Also today John was doing something called ‘Painting’. I loved the way he was splashing colored water on a white mat (do you know what is the white mat Leonardo is talking about… it is paper!!) Best of all he let me come near it, he put my paw in blue colored water and then put it on the mat and I could see something what John calls my ‘Paw Prints’ on the mat. It was fun!

Then at dinner I had ‘Soya bean nuggets’ which were very tasty. And again we ended the day with a lovely walk.


Paw print