New Begining

A new beginning

Is a new start

Repairing a big broken heart

Do your things your own way 

To make your own splendid day

Make your wishes all come true

Then happiness will be with you

Read a book, or be a cook 

All your favourite things to do

Don’t go with the wind

But be a wall

Stand high and tall

I hope you liked the poem, let me elaborate it a little.

Nowadays everything is trend-driven, trend in fashion, trend in career, trend in what we eat , where we go and what we speak. And we all tend to follow the trend even if we are not comfortable with it.

You should be comfortable with what you have or what you are doing. If you are not comfortable DON’T DO IT. 

Choose what you are good in, and you will put all your heart and soul into it and you’ll be the best at it. Don’t think about what others will think about you. You are yourself and be proud of it. 


Happiness is being yourself and feeling proud about it – quoted by Ananya Agroya


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