A Weekend well Spent !!!

Hi guys I’m back after a fantastic weekend. There is only couple of days left for the summer vacation to end and I want to make best of it.

And of course my mom supported it. She booked our seats for an open air movie show in Pune’s only open air theater “Lost the Plot”. My mom, my brother and I went there for a movie called A Dog’s Tail –Hachiko (Oh what a emotional and lovely movie, my bean bag was wet with tears! ).

I have been to “Lost The Plot” quite many times before for kid’s movies like Matilda.

But this time it was a little different. There was an “Open Mic” event organized by Tiny Monkey stage.

“Tiny Monkey Stage” is a community or a platform which help kids, the tiny monkeys to face the public with ease. They organize Open Mic events at different venues. So that kids get an opportunity to perform in different environment with different set of audience every time.

This “Tiny Monkey Stage” community is started by Mr. Sudarshan with a few volunteers. He likes to interact with children which is proofed by his gestures towards us . If we speak on this stage we get a free treat !!! . Like at Lost the Plot we got free popcorn and a movie ticket.

So I quite liked this stage and went for another session which was at Menchi’s Frozen Yogurt . We were given a free frozen yogurt there and it was  delicious!!!

So you know this weekend I earned my movie ticket and a FroYo by speaking. So Mom and Dad don’t stop me from speaking now on !!


Mom & Me


At Lost the Plot I performed a monologue and at Menchi’s I spoke about poetry and recited two of my composed poems.  I was very surprised to see kids of even the age of 6 performing wonderfully!!!


Difficult task to decide toppings for the yogurt , there were so many !!


O’ Clock dance .. Spot me !! Loved Mr. Sudarshan’s Moves  we are following him

We started with an ice breaker activity named as “O Clock Dance”. Where in the moment the clock strikes any O’ clock like 7’Oclock all the participants start dancing. The idea behind it is to make everyone comfortable and letting them know that it is OK to be “Weird” , it is OK to be “Funny” basically it is OK to be OK  🙂 in public . After this ice breaker activity all the participants spoke on the mike one by one.

Mr. Sudarshan helped us a lot and gave us feedback and suggestions to improve. Of course, I got few of them too. Need to work on them before I face the public again 🙂

Mr. Sudarshan has a very nice volunteering team. Naming some of them – Akshata Didi and Aishwarya Didi. They are very supportive. They interacted with us which made us comfortable.

Tiny Monkey Stage is developing an app to know the progress and the levels of each tiny monkey which can be used by parents (Why parents?? We know our levels very well hehe !!! ).

I love this inspirable club and hey why don’t you guys join in !! Just go to their face book page and say hi and they will connect with you!!!


My bro enjoying the voice in his ear ! Me enjoying the movie , the cool breeze with some popcorn and some pasta and some wedges …. Loved it


Coming to “Lost the Plot” I love the cool breeze that blows through the whole area while we sit on comfortable bean bags and chairs watching the movie. I find it better to watch a movie in the open.

I also got to order delicious food like pasta and wedges. It’s a total kid friendly place. My brother(  who is only three) loved putting the head phones and was surprised to hear voices inside!! Soon he got bored and slept. It was about at 10pm when the movie ended a cold breeze blew as we walked away as if to say goodbye.

Ok now I will say good bye.

Check on below link to listen to my poem  https://www.facebook.com/tinymonkeystage/videos/1147244165297944/