New Begining

A new beginning

Is a new start

Repairing a big broken heart

Do your things your own way 

To make your own splendid day

Make your wishes all come true

Then happiness will be with you

Read a book, or be a cook 

All your favourite things to do

Don’t go with the wind

But be a wall

Stand high and tall

I hope you liked the poem, let me elaborate it a little.

Nowadays everything is trend-driven, trend in fashion, trend in career, trend in what we eat , where we go and what we speak. And we all tend to follow the trend even if we are not comfortable with it.

You should be comfortable with what you have or what you are doing. If you are not comfortable DON’T DO IT. 

Choose what you are good in, and you will put all your heart and soul into it and you’ll be the best at it. Don’t think about what others will think about you. You are yourself and be proud of it. 


Happiness is being yourself and feeling proud about it – quoted by Ananya Agroya


Kindle and Books – Where to use what!!

Today I will share my experience of reading a book from a book and reading a book from a kindle.

I think almost everyone knows what a kindle is, but for those who don’t know what it is I‘ll tell you my own definition of a kindle……..A kindle is an electronic device in which you can download as many books as you desire………

So today I am not going to talk about what is good about kindle and bad about books and vice versa.

I am going to talk about my experience with kindle and books. In other words what is the difference I can make out between both of them. Because everything have their positives and negatives and it is we who are suppose to draw that fine line between them.

I remember myself as a small kid sitting in a quiet corner of my house and reading from a book. Reading from a book gives me a happy feeling.

I feel that I am really a character of the book. When I read from a book the words come alive for me. The texture and the smell of the pages of the book make me so eager to read the book. The colours of the book also make it alive.

The best thing about  books is that when a family member gives me a book , for example when my parents give me a book they always write a small note like “to my princess “ or “to my lovely daughter “or something else, which can be treasured forever.

So whenever next time I open that book it takes me to that moment when I got my book (Awww!!! it’s a lovely feeling)

But Kindle misses this “Emotional Connect” feature. As this is not possible in a kindle.

2016-12-05 19.46.45.jpg

But yes definitely a kindle is like a library that walks with you. Yeahhh “A walking library” sounds terrific!!

Before I had got my kindle, whenever we used to go out of town I used to bargain with mom on the number of books I can carry with me. But when I got a kindle, I tell mom to download some new books for me in the kindle. So now I can carry a hundred more books!!!

A kindle has to be recharged but a book doesn’t. I feel that the book charges me up. So though books are a bargaining problem for me they are still better than kindle. But of course I will always keep reading from both of them….as I have rightly said below 🙂

“Everything has their Flips and Flops ,It’s you who decide where to use what ”

(Quoted by Ananya Agroya)

A New Year Ahead

Hey guys I am writing after a long time right? 10th August was my birthday and I and my friends had a blast!!

All along with this excitement a thought came to my mind. I’m turning 11 so is there something new gonna happen???

Oh yes!!

People will expect me to be more responsible, studies will go at a higher level and you guys will expect me to write more!!

So I came up with a few ‘Eleven year old girl’s resolutions’ to make it easier for me to be… “A responsible girl”. So here are my resolutions-

  • Make sure that everyone is happy by putting a little more effort to be responsible
  • Study regularly every day, (which will help me to get more post writing time)
  • Also make sure that a ‘sweet’ post is sent regularly so that you can enjoy!!
  • And yes!! No comments like ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘not now’ will be said.

With this also there is a cool thing, let me tell you… My parents’ treat me like a baby and tell me to handle my scissors carefully and things like that. So now I can always tell them, I am eleven and I am careful enough!! J

But even if I am eleven I don’t know why but I still love my dolls it does sound kiddish but it is true. What are you going to do on your birthday?

Let me know in the comments. Bye!!

Ananya blog pic

Music – My Love

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart”  I read this quote somewhere and I think it’s totally true.

My world consists of two things singing and books.

I started learning classical music from the age of seven; I know how to play the harmonium and piano.

I was quite impatient to learn the theory part of music since I was very young but it was my parents who persuaded me to keep going on and I am happy that they did that.

So far I am on the fourth level of classical music (just passed the third level exam).

My friend Sreeja learns music with me. It feels good to have a friend beside me while I sing. We are learning music together from past five years.

Singing has given me a lot of opportunities to be on stage. I feel very free and happy while singing on stage. One of my 100 dreams is to become a singer (Yes 100 or even more !!!!).

I read it somewhere that scientists have discovered music keeps your brain healthy. It helps you to relax and de-stress. It strengthens learning and memory. Though I can’t prove it on myself, I forget my math formulae all the time!! Ha Ha Ha…

But yes Music definitely helps me to relax after studying and soothes my mind especially during exams, it is a most awaited break.

A gentle tune of any kind of music helps me get a peaceful sleep.I love music and I always will, for music is the best.

So if you are sleepy and can’t sleep, worried about something and can’t get it of your head, then find some soothing tunes and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!



Nefertiti -The Mystery to be uncovered

Hi guys, this world is a mysterious place with a whole lot of mysteries in it.

There is one such mysterious mystery (Try to say mysterious mystery faster three times, it’s a tongue twister!) that has puzzled thousands of archaeologist around the world. It is a mystery about the life of Egypt’s most powerful and respectful queen, Queen Nefertiti.

Nefertiti was born in the year 1390 B.C.E. (Before Common Era). Her name meant ‘The Beautiful One Has Come’.

Though her mummy has not been found, there are lots of pictures telling how she looked, and the power she had.

Her family consisted of:

  • Akhenaton (her husband)
  • Kiya(her husband’s second wife)
  • Queen Ti (her mother in law)
  • Tutankhamen(some people say he was Kiya’s son while others say he was Nefertiti’s)
  • Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenamun, Setepenre, Neferneferuate tasherit and Nefereferure. (Her daughters, by the ways are you able to read their names? He he! For your information Tutankhamen married Anekhsenamun.)
  • Her sister Mutnedjmet

Nefertiti was a great horse rider. Her statues show her beauty and grace. Her pictures are also on all her family member’s tombs, showing how important she was but mysteriously only the carving of her crown is showed in all these pictures. Her bust was found in 1912 showing her long neck, graceful smile and huge crown.


Recently, radar scans have found two hidden rooms behind Tutankhamen’s burial tomb. Some archaeologist believe that in one of these rooms lies Nefertiti herself. They say they need one more month to find the truth.

But during this hustle-bustle of going inside these rooms, one of the leading archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass is skeptical  if there are any mummies in these rooms.

I myself believe that there are some more of Tutankhamen’s treasures in these rooms!!

It also raises questions like:

If her statues and pictures are found here and there then where is her mummy?

Why was she given so much power, and what was her life like?

Please tell me what are your thoughts about her. I like mysteries and this mystery is not uncovered yet, it’s my dream to find her mummy myself and also to uncover the secret of her life.