Kindle and Books – Where to use what!!

Today I will share my experience of reading a book from a book and reading a book from a kindle.

I think almost everyone knows what a kindle is, but for those who don’t know what it is I‘ll tell you my own definition of a kindle……..A kindle is an electronic device in which you can download as many books as you desire………

So today I am not going to talk about what is good about kindle and bad about books and vice versa.

I am going to talk about my experience with kindle and books. In other words what is the difference I can make out between both of them. Because everything have their positives and negatives and it is we who are suppose to draw that fine line between them.

I remember myself as a small kid sitting in a quiet corner of my house and reading from a book. Reading from a book gives me a happy feeling.

I feel that I am really a character of the book. When I read from a book the words come alive for me. The texture and the smell of the pages of the book make me so eager to read the book. The colours of the book also make it alive.

The best thing about  books is that when a family member gives me a book , for example when my parents give me a book they always write a small note like “to my princess “ or “to my lovely daughter “or something else, which can be treasured forever.

So whenever next time I open that book it takes me to that moment when I got my book (Awww!!! it’s a lovely feeling)

But Kindle misses this “Emotional Connect” feature. As this is not possible in a kindle.

2016-12-05 19.46.45.jpg

But yes definitely a kindle is like a library that walks with you. Yeahhh “A walking library” sounds terrific!!

Before I had got my kindle, whenever we used to go out of town I used to bargain with mom on the number of books I can carry with me. But when I got a kindle, I tell mom to download some new books for me in the kindle. So now I can carry a hundred more books!!!

A kindle has to be recharged but a book doesn’t. I feel that the book charges me up. So though books are a bargaining problem for me they are still better than kindle. But of course I will always keep reading from both of them….as I have rightly said below 🙂

“Everything has their Flips and Flops ,It’s you who decide where to use what ”

(Quoted by Ananya Agroya)



Hey guys ,

So I am here writing on my beloved page after a long time.So thought to share something different .. Yes I have came up with my first youtube video !!!! So excited to share with you. So check it out and let me know if you like it …

What this video is about is a Surprise for you all

Dog Diary Day 2

Hello my woofly (lovely) diary.

Pain! Pain! And Pain!!! Is all that (sometimes) this family can give me!!!! They took me to the vet!!!! And for his part, he gave me an injection!!

I tried to tell him that I am perfectly fine. But the problem is that though I can understand their language, they can’t understand MINE!!!

I tried to escape but that vet had a strong grip on me and pushed the injection right on my behind.

I howled but instead of comforting me Kate smacked me!!! I hate Kate, I despise her, I loathe her, I… I…. well you get the point don’t you?

Also today John was doing something called ‘Painting’. I loved the way he was splashing colored water on a white mat (do you know what is the white mat Leonardo is talking about… it is paper!!) Best of all he let me come near it, he put my paw in blue colored water and then put it on the mat and I could see something what John calls my ‘Paw Prints’ on the mat. It was fun!

Then at dinner I had ‘Soya bean nuggets’ which were very tasty. And again we ended the day with a lovely walk.


Paw print

Dog’s Diary- Day 1

(Yesterday I stumbled upon a book on the road and I saw that the cover said Private, dog’s diary so I’m here with the first page from this diary )

Hello diary my name is Leonardo Da Vinci or that’s what I call myself but my owners named me ‘Candy’!!!!! What silly name for a male dog!!

The family consists of John the boy who picked me from the pet shop. Lily the girl who named me this horrible name. Kate the children’s mother I guess she doesn’t like me. Henry their father he is a very kind man. Everyone loves me except Kate. She thinks that I steal from the kitchen every night but, the truth is it’s not me but the neighbor’s cat called Chessie.

Yesterday they were going to a party and Kate wore a purple sparkly gown. I saw an ant on the gown so I jumped on it, and instead of catching the ant, the dress tore!!! She screamed and smacked me.

I was chained outside, I hate getting chained. I felt so sad that I started crying!!! How would you like to be chained up in a small little house with no food or water?

Anyways let me tell you about today.

Well Henry was at office and the kids were at school. So I was alone with Kate!! She didn’t take me for a walk nor did she give me food.

When the rest of the family was back they had lunch. John and Lily fed me doggy treats mmmm, delicious, they taste so sugary and sweet that any dog could be tempted!! John and Lily also played fetch with me in the garden until dinner time. This dinner was the best, I was given two humongous sandwiches with melted cheese and cucumbers inside. I wish I could eat it again!!!

Then the whole family and I went for a walk on the peaceful and empty streets!!

Ok diary bye!!-

P.S. Today they didn’t put a leash on me!! Happy me.


Mr Photogenic

Live Free

I had a little Octopus, his name was Cutie pie,
and he could swim and he could fly,
and he could write and he could walk,
and he could stitch and he could talk,
but I left him in the sea,
where he could  Live Free.

Well I wrote this poem for fun when I was very young. I found it here scribbled in my old diary. I realized I had unknowingly given a message.

The message is that though the Octopus can do many things it was made to live and swim in the sea, and that is what he is made for. This might be a small post but it has a big meaning.

Picture Credit: My Little brother, being a 3 year old colouring is what he is best at.



Book Review- The Big Book Of World Mythology

This book written by Reeja Radhakrishnan for kids is wonderful! It tells you about the stories that people all over the world believe in or in better words the ‘Mythology’ of the world. Sit back and enjoy reading mythologies from Sweden, China, Rome, India, Egypt, Russia, North and South America, Oceania and much more!!! Reeja is a columnist and writes for children, she now lives and works in Chennai.

In this book ‘Mwindo The Boy Warrior’ is one of  my favourite mythologies from Africa. I also enjoy the stories from India. I think the Swedish tales were a bit boring, but every other story was fabulous! I totally recommend this book to everyone.  This book gives you insight of a particular region. This book sent me turning pages all night.

Every story starts with an introduction where writer tells you where the story comes from and it also tells a fact about the place. Each fact tempted me to read more and dig into that story.

Well, so its time to grab this book and enjoy it.