A New Year Ahead

Hey guys I am writing after a long time right? 10th August was my birthday and I and my friends had a blast!!

All along with this excitement a thought came to my mind. I’m turning 11 so is there something new gonna happen???

Oh yes!!

People will expect me to be more responsible, studies will go at a higher level and you guys will expect me to write more!!

So I came up with a few ‘Eleven year old girl’s resolutions’ to make it easier for me to be… “A responsible girl”. So here are my resolutions-

  • Make sure that everyone is happy by putting a little more effort to be responsible
  • Study regularly every day, (which will help me to get more post writing time)
  • Also make sure that a ‘sweet’ post is sent regularly so that you can enjoy!!
  • And yes!! No comments like ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘not now’ will be said.

With this also there is a cool thing, let me tell you… My parents’ treat me like a baby and tell me to handle my scissors carefully and things like that. So now I can always tell them, I am eleven and I am careful enough!! J

But even if I am eleven I don’t know why but I still love my dolls it does sound kiddish but it is true. What are you going to do on your birthday?

Let me know in the comments. Bye!!

Ananya blog pic