Kindle and Books – Where to use what!!

Today I will share my experience of reading a book from a book and reading a book from a kindle.

I think almost everyone knows what a kindle is, but for those who don’t know what it is I‘ll tell you my own definition of a kindle……..A kindle is an electronic device in which you can download as many books as you desire………

So today I am not going to talk about what is good about kindle and bad about books and vice versa.

I am going to talk about my experience with kindle and books. In other words what is the difference I can make out between both of them. Because everything have their positives and negatives and it is we who are suppose to draw that fine line between them.

I remember myself as a small kid sitting in a quiet corner of my house and reading from a book. Reading from a book gives me a happy feeling.

I feel that I am really a character of the book. When I read from a book the words come alive for me. The texture and the smell of the pages of the book make me so eager to read the book. The colours of the book also make it alive.

The best thing about  books is that when a family member gives me a book , for example when my parents give me a book they always write a small note like “to my princess “ or “to my lovely daughter “or something else, which can be treasured forever.

So whenever next time I open that book it takes me to that moment when I got my book (Awww!!! it’s a lovely feeling)

But Kindle misses this “Emotional Connect” feature. As this is not possible in a kindle.

2016-12-05 19.46.45.jpg

But yes definitely a kindle is like a library that walks with you. Yeahhh “A walking library” sounds terrific!!

Before I had got my kindle, whenever we used to go out of town I used to bargain with mom on the number of books I can carry with me. But when I got a kindle, I tell mom to download some new books for me in the kindle. So now I can carry a hundred more books!!!

A kindle has to be recharged but a book doesn’t. I feel that the book charges me up. So though books are a bargaining problem for me they are still better than kindle. But of course I will always keep reading from both of them….as I have rightly said below 🙂

“Everything has their Flips and Flops ,It’s you who decide where to use what ”

(Quoted by Ananya Agroya)